Talk and party in Cologne – 28.10.2023


In February 2023, several antifascists were arrested in Budapest during the so-called „Day of Honor“.
They are accused of taking concrete action against some fascists who had traveled to Budapest for the demonstration on the „Day of Honor“.

A German comrade and an Italian comrade have been detained in Budapest since February. Several other comrades have successfully evaded the repressive authorities and have since been on the run.

On 28.10.2023, the Budapest Solidarity Alliance will give a presentation about the events in Budapest as well as politically classify the „Day of Honor“.

In addition, of course, donations will be collected for the detainees.
After the lecture there will be cold drinks at the Nantoka Bar before the floors open and our soliparty starts.

The collected entrance fee (which is of course on a donation basis) will also go to the Budapest Solidarity campaign!

Admission is from 18:30 at the AZ Cologne.


Im Februar 2023 wurden in Budapest im Rahmen des so gennanten „Tag der Ehre“ mehrere Antifas festgenommen. 
Ihnen wird handfestes Vorgehen gegen einige Faschisten, welche für die Demonstration zum „Tag der Ehre“ nach Budapest gereist waren, vorgeworfen. 

Ein Deutscher Genosse und eine Italienische Genossin sitzen seit Februar in Budapest in Haft.
Mehrere andere Genoss*innen haben sich erfolgreich den Repressionbehörden entzogen und sind seit dem auf der Flucht.

Am 28.10.2023 wird das Solidaritätsbündniss Budapest Solidarity einen Vortrag über die Geschehnisse in Budapest halten sowie den „Tag der Ehre“ politisch einordnen.

Außerdem sollen natürlich Spenden für die Inhaftierten Gesammelt werden.

Nach dem Vortrag wird es noch kalte Getränke in der Nantoka Bar geben bevor die Floors öffnen und unsere Soliparty startet.

Der gesammelte Eintritt (welcher selbstverständlich auf Spendenbasis ist) wird unter anderem auch an die Kampagne Budapest Solidarity gehen!

Einlass ist ab 18:30 im AZ Köln

Free All Antifascists – Discussion and concert

Free All Antifascists – Discussion and concert

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„Dear friends, dear comrades,

We are very pleased to invite you to our upcoming panel discussion on the occasion of our second anniversary.

On 22 September 2023, we have invited a very interesting panel of guests who will share their experiences and insights from different perspectives. They have all directly experienced the effects of state repression and will provide us with profound insights and discuss them with us.
We are pleased to introduce our guests for the panel:

🎤 Ulrich von Klinggräff:
Defence lawyer of Lina E. from Leipzig in the so-called Antifa East trial. With his many years of experience in the field of repression against anti-fascists, the lawyer from Berlin will give us a first-hand account of the trial and shed light on the legal aspects of state repression.

🎤Svenja Huck:
Freelance journalist and historian with expertise in labour struggles and political opposition. She has reported extensively on the trial of the anti-fascist Adel and will present us with her findings on state repression and the media’s handling of it.

🎤 Ferat Koçak: politician and activist, anti-fascist spokesperson for the Left Party Neukölln in the Berlin House of Representatives. He was the victim of a right-wing extremist arson attack. As a witness in the trial against the neo-Nazis involved and as a deputy member of the committee of enquiry on the Neukölln complex, he will explain to us his view of things from the parliamentary and activist perspective.

🎤 Eda Deniz Haydaroglu:
Anti-fascist and activist, organised at Avrupa Dev-Genç. She is currently on hunger strike to protest the imprisonment of three Turkish anti-fascists. They are accused of being members of a foreign terrorist organisation under §129b StGB.

Place & time will be announced in time
(We are currently working on providing the panel in English)

We look forward to seeing you ❤️‍🔥


„Dear friends, dear comrades,

We are very happy to present you our great Line Up for 23.09.2023!

In a gesture of solidarity, a variety of artists and bands from Germany, Italy and France have shown their willingness to stand together on stage to give a voice to anti-fascists affected by repression. These acts come from a variety of backgrounds, both musically and politically.
What makes this gathering special is the diversity of the participating artists. Each of them may represent a different style, but they all share a determination to stand up for antifascism.

We thank all the artists for agreeing to participate and wish you much love! 🫶







Rap Caverna Posse 


San Drino of SBFamilia


Lena Stoehrfaktor 




Riot Spears 

(Grunge,Angry Pop,Berlin)“



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The Budapest Antifascist Solidarity Committee (BASC) was founded to support those affected by the repression of Hungarian and German authorities in the context of the events in Budapest. We do not want to leave the interpretation of what happened to state institutions and right-wing and bourgeois media, especially in Hungary and Germany. We want to give the necessary space to a left perspective on the events, as well as to support those persecuted by repression. In this context, we would like to contribute not only with political analysis , but also with practical support in the context of upcoming proceedings. 

Meanwhile, almost 5 months have passed since the weekend around the so-called “Day of Honor” in Budapest. For more than twenty years Nazis from all over Europe use this day to commemorate Wehrmacht and SS. The idea is to commemorate a defeat of nearly 30,000 Nazi soldiers in the Hungarian capital. This February weekend is one of the most important international networking meetings for fascists and Nazis who can feel safe in proto-fascist Hungary. In February, this sense of security was broken for a moment by committed antifascists. In the period from February 09th to 11th , there were several clashes with well-organized and networked Nazis on the fringes of the event. In the process, militant anti-fascist actions made it clear that fascists cannot “mourn” or exchange ideas anywhere in peace. They were, in an otherwise right-wing hegemony, confronted with the feeling of powerlessness – which they usually spread among their enemies – in a direct way. The outcry is enormous. Not because again thousands of (neo)Nazis and fascists openly appear with Hitler salute, steel helmet and swastika, despite the actual ban. No. This outcry is directed solely at the comrades who are said to have opposed them. Two of them have been imprisoned in Hungary since mid-February and endure the inhumane conditions of imprisonment every day anew. We are with Tobi and the italian comrade! We also express our solidarity with the comrade who has already been released from custody, as well as with the anti-fascists who are being sought internationally by the German and Hungarian authorities.

We know that we cannot expect any leniency from these authorities for us or for those affected. The last years have clearly shown how anti-fascist structures are being targeted. The repression has become a daily routine for many people of the antifascist movement. Because the intimidation by state actors does not only begin when a stone flies through the air. It doesn’t matter if you take part in a sit-in, hold a youth plenum, or support militant antifascism. Anyone who stands up for left-wing issues becomes an enemy. The shift in discourse is real. But it does not come from the left, as it is always claimed, but from the state, supported by a society that is drifting further and further to the right. Anti-fascist actions are increasingly criminalized and various structures are exposed to more and more comprehensive and profound repression. House searches are not only since the incidents in Budapest on the agenda. 

With the founding of SokoLinx, the Saxon authorities made it clear once and for all where they see the enemy. While a group of over 250 Nazis can attack a residential neighborhood and not have much to fear other than a rap in the knuckles, Dirk Münster’s squad of snoops conjures up the stealthy growth of a danger from the left. The Antifa Ost trial shows how the rule of law undermines itself if it absolutely wants to achieve investigative success. Together with the Federal Prosecutor’s Office no effort is spared in order to see the three numbers at the end with shining eyes: 1.2.9. Here, it is not only an explicit act that is punished, but rather the political attitude.  – 1.2.9 “That’s all of us.” This was and still is a popular demo slogan in the context of the radical left. Intended as solidarity with all those who are facing these investigations and trials. At this point we send greetings to the four from the Antifa Ost trial. Our unbroken solidarity goes out to you as well. 

With its strategy, Soko LinX shows us one thing above all: that it sees us all in exactly the same way. As criminals and enemies. Not only the four in Dresden or the accused in the Budapest complex, but also everyone who has to do with them. Family as well as friends. It is enough to be a roommate or to live in the same house. Doors are shot open, people are bugged and observed; everything for the success of the investigation, everything to illuminate the alleged structure. And where there are no structures to investigate, it is a tradition to proceed arbitrarily. The most recent example: Day X, when hundreds of people were kettled for hours under undignified conditions by police units from all over the Federal Republic. They were denied food, toilet facilities and parental assistance for minors. The closing of ranks of mayor Jung, police chief Demmler and the press (a few exceptions confirm the rule) made the final point. Not to mention the lack of compensation for the unlawfulness of these measures, we are left with traumatized people. Our solidarity is also with you and those who stand by you.

So it is also necessary from our side to develop strategies to react to the unity of federal prosecutors, courts and investigators. But we are faced with a great task, because we must not forget that this triumvirate of repression directly brings along its propagandists, when they kick in the doors of our friends at 6 in the morning.

While the Springer press, as well as right-wing media and social media accounts, are outdoing each other with untruths, speculations and lies, the bourgeois press has also jumped on the bandwagon and is spreading the narrative set by investigative authorities of a new generation of left-wing terrorists and a new RAF without counter-investigation or even counter-speech. Investigators already known from other contexts ponder underground activities and grasp at any straw to maintain their narrative of the enemy from the left and expand their investigative powers. This is printed gladly, but unquestioned. Thus, a meme on the net is quickly fantasized into a death threat and the political reality in Saxony, Germany and not least Hungary is completely ignored. For clicks, no inflammatory headline is too far-fetched, and sometimes the alarm clock is set extra early for exclusive photos and information. While Nazis and fascists are often enough granted with a presumption of innocence and with the “probably”, comrades then see themselves unpixelated and with clear names in print and online editions of the tabloid media. Here, too, neither the form nor the content is questioned, and the consequences for those affected and their environment are accepted as collateral damage. Left-wing media have so far maintained a low profile – which may also be due to the fact that many things are unclear and many questions remain unanswered. 

Many things need to be clarified and discussed. We are under no illusion that we will succeed in convincing a bourgeois majority of the necessity of militant antifascism. It is not least about the ability of a radical left to act, which has let many debates fall asleep in recent years. We no longer want to press the snooze button when it comes to important inner-left debates. But we must not let ourselves be paralyzed by this and, above all, we must not leave the accused alone to their fate and the interpretive sovereignty of others. A long and energy-sapping process lies ahead of us, the extent of which cannot yet be approximately surveyed. We would like to walk this path together with those affected by repression and their families and friends, expressing our solidarity and offering them our support. Only together we can oppose the unity of repressive authorities, press and fascists in order not to let a right-wing hegemony become a reality here, as it already exists in Hungary.

Anti-fascist practice is diverse and necessary – whether in Berlin, Leipzig, Jena, Milan or Budapest: “Whoever fights against the Nazis cannot rely on the state at all.” – Esther Bejarano

Pre-trial detention of Antifas from Germany and Italy extended

Pre-trial detention of Antifas from Germany and Italy extended

Article by Matthias Monroy for the German newspaper nd

In their criminal investigations against German activists, Hungarian authorities are supported by the police and judiciary in Germany. State criminal investigation offices have carried out house searches in Berlin, Leipzig and Jena for this purpose.

Antifa activists arrested for attacks on suspected neo-Nazis remain in custody in Budapest. This was confirmed on Monday by a court in the Hungarian capital after a detention review. The two are suspected of taking part in four separate incidents surrounding the so-called “Day of Honor” in February this year. Eight people are said to have been injured, three of them seriously, over a period of three days. Three of those attacked are described as Hungarian, three others as Polish and two as German citizens. One of them is said to belong to the far-right New Strength Party (NSP) in Erfurt, according to the tabloid “Bild”.

Shortly after the “Day of Honor,” Hungarian police arrested a 29-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman from Germany and a 38-year-old Italian woman for the acts. In addition, a 42-year-old Hungarian woman is suspected by authorities of involvement. A search is underway for other German suspects, who are believed to be from Leipzig and Jena, among other places.

The “Day of Honor”, held annually in Budapest since 1997, is a showcase for neo-Nazis from all over Europe. Participants pay homage to the German Waffen-SS, the Wehrmacht and their Hungarian collaborators. Together, these troops had tried to escape from a Red Army encirclement around the capital in a suicidal action at the end of World War II on February 11, 1945.

Among the initiators of the march are said to be the British Nationalist Front and a Hungarian offshoot of the Blood and Honour network, which is banned in Germany. According to reports, this year’s event was organized by the Legion Hungária, Hammerskins and other far-right groups from Hungary. The march features openly fascist symbols, including flags, SS runes or the “Hitler salute.” Neo-Nazis of the fascist Legion Hungária are also said to have hunted down leftists on this year’s “Day of Honor.” In addition, there are reports of attacks on journalists and Jewish people.

In Germany, the Springer press and the right wing party AfD in particular have made the Budapest incidents a topic of discussion and used them for a smear campaign against a supposedly strengthening international “left-wing extremism”. In this context, the names and pictures of the suspects are also published and they are described as “hammer gang”. Video footage published on the Internet is said to show the incidents. Among other things, it depicts groups approaching the suspected neo-Nazis, attacking them with batons and similar tools and then spraying them with irritant gas.

After a detention and registration check, the Hungarian judiciary ordered the release of the 26-year-old from Germany before the end of February. However, she remains under investigation for “preparation of a criminal offense.” According to a German solidarity group, the Italian-born detainee is accused of “violence against a community,” which is punishable by up to eight years in prison under the Hungarian penal code. She is also alleged to have participated in the “formation of a criminal organization.” Tobias E., who is also still in custody, is also charged with this offense. The sentence for this in Hungary is up to five years in prison.

According to various media reports, a total of up to nine Germans are said to have taken part in the crimes. One of them is said to be Johann G., who has been identified by the Saxon “Linx Special Commission”. He is described as the fiancé of Lina E., who was convicted in the “Antifa East” trial in early June. G. has been in hiding since 2020 and is wanted by the Federal Prosecutor General’s Office with an international arrest warrant.

In their investigations against the Antifa activists, the Hungarian police is being assisted from Germany. Following a request for assistance from Budapest, the relevant state criminal investigation departments carried out house searches in Berlin, Leipzig and Jena in February and March.

On February 16, 2023, just days after the incidents in Budapest, the “Central Office for Extremism in Saxony” of the Dresden Prosecutor General’s Office initiated preliminary proceedings for “dangerous bodily harm” against four women and three men. Since March 7, the agency has been “in contact with the Hungarian law enforcement authorities,” according to the Saxon state government’s response to an AfD parliamentary question. In the process, files from the “Antifa East” proceedings were apparently also transmitted to the Hungarian authorities, as “nd” learned.

In addition, the Prosecutor General’s Office in Berlin is investigating the suspects, who come from the capital, on charges of dangerous bodily harm.

In its response to a parliamentary question posed by the AfD parliamentary group in April of this year, the German government described the “brutality of the acts” as “extremely worrying”. It said the incidents in Budapest were viewed in the context of a pattern of offenses previously observed in Germany in particular. “Concrete indications of currently existing left-wing terrorist structures are not yet available,” it continues.

★ Solikitchen goes Prachttomate // BBQ- & Cocktailevening ★

★ Solikitchen goes Prachttomate // BBQ- & Cocktailevening ★


10.8.23 // starts 6pm // @ Bornsdorfer Str. 9

Even though we really like our Thursdays in the Kiezladen, we are drawn out into the open air again this August! We invite you to join us for a great barbecue evening at the community garden Prachttomate in Neukölln. There will be vegan delicacies from the grill, fresh Naan and tasty salads. And as our cocktail special Whiskey Sour, Gin Fizz and Gin Basil Smash.

With the donations we support the antifascists affected by repression in Budapest. Background: In the context of the anti-fascist protests against the glorification of Nazism during the Day of Honor in Budapest, four anti-fascists were arrested. Since February, two of them are still in pre-trial detention and another person was released from detention on condition. Since then, brutal raids have taken place in Budapest, Leipzig, Jena and Berlin. It has hit some, it means all of us! All together against fascism! We look forward to having a cosy evening of solidarity with you!

More info: * *


★ Soli-Küche goes Prachttomate // BBQ- & Cocktailabend ★

10.8.23 // ab 18 Uhr // @ Bornsdorfer Str. 9

Auch wenn wir unsere Donnerstage im Kiezladen wunderschön finden, zieht es uns auch diesen August wieder raus an die frische Luft!

Wir laden Euch ein, mit uns einen tollen Grillabend im Gemeinschaftsgarten Prachttomate in Neukölln zu verbringen. Gegen den Hunger gibt es vegane Köstlichkeiten vom Grill, frisches Naan und leckere Salate. Gegen den Durst in unserem Cocktailspecial Whiskey Sour, Gin Fizz und Gin Basil Smash.

Mit den Spendeneinnahmen unterstützen wir die in Budapest von Repression betroffenen Antifas. Hintergrund: Im Kontext der antifaschistischen Proteste gegen die NS Verherrlichung während dem Tag der Ehre in Budapest kam es zu Festnahmen von vier Antifaschist:innen. Seit Februar befinden sich immer noch zwei von ihnen in U-Haft, eine weitere Person wurde gegen Auflagen aus der Haft entlassen. Seitdem erfolgten brutale Razzien in Budapest, Leipzig, Jena und Berlin. Getroffen hat es einige, gemeint sind wir alle! Alle zusammen gegen den Faschismus! Wir freuen uns auf einen solidarischen Abend mit Euch!

Mehr Infos: *

Update about the Italian comrade – July 2023


We write this brief update about the situation of the arrests in Budapest, in particular of the Italian comrade currently detained. For further information on the context, we refer to the previous text which has already been published. To date, both the German and the Italian comrade, arrested in February 2023, remain in prison in the city of Budapest. With the time and lots of difficulties, by exchanging with the Hungarian defense team, we can now get to a picture of the current situation, which differs in some parts from the previous information. Currently, in fact, the Italian comrade is the only one detained for the alleged participation in the episodes in which some Nazi militants were injured. The episodes, all occurred in the days preceding the „Day of Honor“ in Budapest, would be five; Of these, the investigators aim to prove that the comrade may have taken part in two of them, excluding the first for which she had been accused and had presented the plane tickets that proved her absence on Hungarian territory. The German comrade would not, now, be detained directly for the attacks of those days, but for his alleged participation in an international criminal association which existence the investigators aim to prove. The charges are therefore quite different, with obviously very different penalties if they are found guilty by the Hungarian justice. In both cases the investigations are still ongoing, but we know that the terms of pre-trial detention for the Italian companion are 4 years. The final penalty in case of conviction will instead range from 2 to 12 years in prison. To sum up, the Italian comrade is the only one detained with the accuses of violence and the timing of pre-trial detention can still be very long.

As already said, her detentions conditions, after an initial difficult period, have improved. She periodically receives packages through the embassy with roughly everything she requires, relations with her cell inmates are very good and she has a mobile phone with which she can contact her Hungarian lawyers and the embassy whenever she wishes. Unfortunately, interviews with family and friends and consequently any type of communication and correspondence are still forbidden due to a phantom risk of suppression of evidence. Both the lawyers and the embassy are trying to unblock this situation but no one knows if or when it will be possible to have more direct contact with her. Through the same lawyers we are constantly updated on her psychophysical state, which is good so far, and on the evolution of the court case.

Over the next few months, an application for home detention on Italian soil will be filed, although it is unlikely to be accepted by the local authorities since, given the accusation, it is in their interest to avoid the risk that she leaves the Hungarian territory. At the same time, on June 14th, the detention was extended until August 14th, the date on which the lawyers assume that it will be further renewed, considering the indirect evidence collected so far by the police. Moreover, in August, the result of an anthropometric test, requested by the prosecution, will be filed. It is important to understand that given the delicate judicial situation the detention can still be very long and therefore the judicial costs and those of daily life maintenance in the prison of the comrade are and will be enormous. For this reason, we ask everyone to support the solidarity fund opened for the occasion, with any type of donation, benefit or initiative aimed at helping her in this difficult and long situation.


Bank Account of : Alice Zaffaroni & Martina Franchi
IBAN: LT52 3250 0629 2249 2633


Scriviamo questo breve testo di aggiornamento circa la situazione degli arresti di Budapest, in particolare della compagna italiana attualmente detenuta. Per un approfondimento circa il contesto rimandiamo al testo precedentemente circolato.
Ad ora permangono in carcere nella città di Budapest sia il compagno tedesco che la compagna italiana, arrestati entrambi a febbraio 2023. Con il trascorrere del tempo e una serie di confronti con il collegio difensivo ungherese si è faticosamente giunti ad un quadro certo dello stato attuale, che differisce in alcune parti dalle informazioni precedenti.
Attualmente, infatti, la compagna italiana è l’unica detenuta per una presunta partecipazione agli episodi nei quali sarebbero rimasti feriti alcuni militanti nazisti. Gli episodi, tutti avvenuti nei giorni precedenti alla “Giornata dell’onore” di Budapest, sarebbero cinque; di questi gli inquirenti mirano a provare che la compagna possa aver preso parte a due, escludendo il primo per cui era stata accusata e aveva presentato i biglietti aerei che provano la sua assenza sul territorio ungherese. Il compagno tedesco non sarebbe, ad ora, detenuto direttamente per i cosiddetti attacchi di quei giorni, ma per una sua presunta partecipazione all’interno di un’associazione a delinquere internazionale che gli inquirenti mirano a costruire. Le accuse sono quindi piuttosto diverse, con ovviamente pene molto diverse nel caso in cui fossero riconosciuti colpevoli dalla giustizia ungherese. In entrambi i casi le indagini sono ancora in corso, ma sappiamo che i termini della custodia cautelare per la compagna italiana sono di 4 anni. La pena definitiva in caso di condanna andrà invece dai 2 ai 12 anni di carcere.
Ricapitolando la compagna italiana è l’unica detenuta per i fatti di violenza e le tempistiche di custodia cautelare possono essere ancora molto lunghe.

Come già comunicato, dopo un primo periodo difficile, la permanenza in carcere risulta migliorata; riceve periodicamente i pacchi tramite l’ambasciata con grossomodo tutto quello che richiede, i rapporti con le concelline sono molto buoni e dispone di un cellulare con il quale può contattare a piacimento i suoi avvocati ungheresi e l’ambasciata. Purtroppo, rimangono ancora interdetti i colloqui con la famiglia e gli amici e di conseguenza qualsiasi tipo di comunicazione e corrispondenza per un fantomatico rischio di inquinamento probatorio. Tanto gli avvocati quanto l’ambasciata si stanno muovendo per sbloccare questa situazione ma non si sa né se né quando sarà possibile avere contatti più diretti con lei. Tramite gli stessi avvocati siamo comunque costantemente aggiornati sul suo stato psicofisico, ad ora buono, e sull’evolversi del caso giudiziario.
Nel corso dei prossimi mesi verrà presentata un’istanza di detenzione domiciliare sul suolo italiano, anche se difficilmente verrà accettata dalle autorità locali poiché, data l’entità dell’accusa, non è nel loro interesse che lasci il territorio ungherese. Contestualmente il 14 giugno è stata prolungata la carcerazione fino al 14 agosto, data nella quale gli avvocati presumono che verrà ulteriormente rinnovata, tenendo presente le prove indirette finora raccolte dalla polizia. Sempre nel mese di agosto arriverà il risultato di un test antropometrico, richiesto dall’accusa.

Per donare:

Intestato a: Alice Zaffaroni & Martina Franchi
IBAN: LT52 3250 0629 2249 2633


Wir schreiben dieses kurze Update über die Situation der Verhaftungen in Budapest, insbesondere wegen der derzeit inhaftierten italienischen Mitstreiterin. Für weitere Informationen über den Kontext verweisen wir auf den vorherigen Text, der bereits veröffentlicht wurde. Bis heute befinden sich sowohl der deutsche Antifaschist als auch die italienische Mitstreiterin seit Februar 2023 im Gefängnis in Budapest. Trotz vieler Schwierigkeiten konnten wir uns nach längerer Zeit vor allem durch den Austausch mit den ungarischen Verteidigern ein Bild von der aktuellen Lage machen, das in einigen Punkten von den bisherigen Informationen abweicht.

Derzeit ist nur die italienische Genossin wegen der angeblichen Beteiligung an den Vorfällen, bei denen einige militante Nazis verletzt wurden, inhaftiert. Von den fünf Vorfällen, die sich alle in den Tagen vor dem „Tag der Ehre“ in Budapest ereigneten, wollen die Ermittler beweisen, dass die Genossin möglicherweise an zwei von ihnen beteiligt sein könnte. Wegen des ersten Angriffs wird gegen sie nicht mehr ermittelt, da sie ihre Abwesenheit zum fraglichen Zeitpunkt mittels Flugtickets belegen konnte. Der deutsche Inhaftierte ist nunmehr nicht direkt wegen der angeblichen Körperverletzung von damals beschuldigt, sondern wegen seiner angeblichen Beteiligung an einer internationalen kriminellen Vereinigung, deren Existenz die Ermittler nachweisen wollen.

Die Anklagen sind also recht unterschiedlich und die Strafen, die im Falle einer Verurteilung durch die ungarische Justiz verhängt werden, sind das damit auch. In beiden Fällen laufen die Ermittlungen noch, aber wir wissen, dass die maximale Dauer der Untersuchungshaft für die italienischen Gefährtin 4 Jahre beträgt. Die endgültige Strafe im Falle einer Verurteilung wird dagegen zwischen 2 und 12 Jahren Gefängnis liegen. Zusammenfassend lässt sich sagen, dass nur die italienische Mitstreiterin unter dem Vorwurf der schweren Körperverletzung inhaftiert ist, und dass die Dauer der Untersuchungshaft noch sehr lang sein kann. Wie bereits erwähnt, haben sich ihre Haftbedingungen nach einer anfänglich schwierigen Phase verbessert. Sie erhält von der Botschaft regelmäßig Pakete mit so ziemlich allem, was sie beantragt, die Beziehungen zu ihren Mitgefangenen sind sehr gut und sie hat ein Mobiltelefon, mit dem sie ihre ungarischen Anwälte und die italienische Botschaft jederzeit kontaktieren kann. Leider sind Gespräche mit Familienangehörigen und Freund*innen und damit jede Art von Kommunikation und Korrespondenz nach wie vor verboten, weil die Behörden eine Gefahr der Verdunkelung von Beweisen droht. Sowohl die Anwälte als auch die Botschaft versuchen, diese Situation zu entschärfen, aber niemand weiß, ob oder wann ein direkterer Kontakt mit ihr möglich sein wird. Über dieselben Anwälte werden wir ständig über ihren psychophysischen Zustand, der bisher gut ist, und über die Entwicklung des Gerichtsverfahrens auf dem Laufenden gehalten.

In den nächsten Monaten wird ein Antrag auf Hausarrest auf italienischem Boden gestellt , obwohl es unwahrscheinlich ist, dass die örtlichen Behörden diesem Antrag zustimmen werden, da es angesichts der Anschuldigungen im Interesse der Behörden liegt das Risiko zu vermeiden, dass sie das ungarische Staatsgebiet verlässt. Gleichzeitig wurde die Haft am 14. Juni bis zum 14. August verlängert. Die Anwälte gehen davon aus, dass die Haft angesichts der bisher von der Polizei gesammelten indirekten Beweise weiter verlängert wird. Außerdem wird im August das Ergebnis eines von der Staatsanwaltschaft beantragten anthropometrischen  Gutachtens vorgelegt werden – also eine Videoanalyse, die die Statur der Mitstreiterin mit der der auf den Videos zu sehenden Person vergleicht. Es ist wichtig zu verstehen, dass angesichts der heiklen juristischen Situation die Inhaftierung noch sehr lange dauern kann und daher die juristischen Kosten und die Kosten für die Aufrechterhaltung des Knastalltags der Mitstreiterin enorm sind und sein werden. Aus diesem Grund bitten wir alle, den zu diesem Anlass eingerichteten Solidaritätsfonds mit jeder Art von Spende, Zuwendung oder Initiative zu unterstützen, um ihr in dieser schwierigen und langwierigen Situation zu helfen.

Für Spenden:

Kontoinhaberinnen: Alice Zaffaroni & Martina Franchi
IBAN: LT52 3250 0629 2249 2633
Stichwort: BENEFITBU

Solidarty rally in Berlin – June 2

Solidarty rally in Berlin – June 2

June 2, 23 | 17 h in front of the Hungarian Embassy Unter den Linden 7

Stop Nazi glorification, in Budapest and elsewhere!

Every year in February an international Nazi meeting takes place in Budapest, the so-called „Day of Honor“.

For years, Hungarian and international anti-fascists have been taking action against this Nazi glorification.

In February 2023, there were arrests and calls for wanted persons against antifascists in Budapest, who are accused of attacks on Nazis. Two antifascists from Germany and Italy have been in jail since then. Others are being searched internationally.

Solidarity with the antifascists who took to the streets against the trivialization of Nazi glorification and the Europe-wide networking of neo-Nazis on the „Day of Honor“. Anti-fascist resistance remains important! Antifascism is not criminal!

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Kundgebung: Soli mit den Budapest-Antifas: 2. Juni 23 | 17 h vor der Ungarischen Botschaft Unter den Linden 7

NS-Verherrlichung stoppen, in Budapest und anderswo!

Jedes Jahr findet im Februar in Budapest ein internationales Nazi-Treffen, der sogenannte „Tag der Ehre“ statt.

Seit Jahren gehen ungarische und internationale Antifaschist:innen gegen diese NS-Verherrlichung vor.
Im Februar 2023 kam es in Budapest zu Verhaftungen und Fahndungsaufrufen gegen Antifaschist:innen, denen Angriffe auf Nazis vorgeworfen werden. Zwei Antifas aus Deutschland und Italien sitzen seitdem im Knast. Nach anderen wird international gefahndet.
Solidarisiert euch mit den Antifaschist:innen, die gegen die Verharmlosung von NS-Verherrlichung und die europaweite Vernetzung von Neonazis am „Tag der Ehre“ auf die Straße gegangen sind. Antifaschistische Gegenwehr bleibt wichtig! Antifaschismus ist nicht kriminell!

Freiheit für die inhaftierten Antifas! Rücknahme der Haftbefehle und Fahndungen! Keine Zusammenarbeit mit der Justiz im Orban-Staat!

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Freedom for the imprisoned antifas! Withdrawal of the arrest warrants and wanted persons! No cooperation with the justice in the Orban state!

Event in Milan – Antifascist Solidarity

Event in Milan – Antifascist Solidarity


June 1
h. 18:00
Csoa Cox18 – Milan

On February 11, several people were being detained in Budapest on charges of being involved in the wounding of several neo-Nazis who had come to the Hungarian capital for a large international neo-Nazi rally. More than three months after that day, an Italian comrade and a German comrade still find themselves imprisoned in Budapest on that charge.

In November 2020 in East Germany a large police operation led to Lina’s arrest and the involvement of other comrades and comrades. In the summer of 2022 it was discovered that an infamous man was cooperating with the German police by providing information that lengthened the time of the investigation. In late May 2023, the first verdict for this trial is expected to come. German police are trying to link the events in Budapest to this investigation.

On June 1, in cox 18, we organize this public moment to report a brief account of the past three months and update everyone and everyone on the condition of the Italian comrade.

A comrade from Berlin will present the campaign in solidarity with those arrested in Budapest that is about to start.

We will also have the opportunity to have a German comrade, who will be in connection with us, tell us about the repressive operation that began in 2020 and the latest developments it is having.

We will then try to shift our gaze also to our city, Milan, where in the last period the presence of fascists has become more and more provocative, in order to reason together also about our local context and remind ourselves that in the face of fascism we must never let our guard down.

During the initiative an aperitivo benefit will be organized for the comrade!

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1 giugno
h. 18:00
Csoa Cox18 – Milano

L’11 febbraio diverse persone venivano fermate a Budapest con l’accusa di essere coinvolte nel ferimento di alcuni neonazisti giunti nella capitale ungherese per un grande raduno neonazista internazionale. A più di tre mesi da quel giorno una compagna Italiana e un compagno tedesco si trovano ancora incarcerati a Budapest con questa accusa.

Nel novembre 2020 in Germania dell’Est una vasta operazione di polizia portava all’arresto di Lina e al coinvolgimento di altri compagni e compagne. Nell’estate del 2022 si scopre che un infame sta collaborando con la polizia tedesca fornendo informazioni che hanno fatto allungare i tempi dell’indagine. A fine maggio 2023 dovrebbe arrivare la prima sentenza per questo processo. La polizia tedesca sta provando a collegare i fatti avvenuti a Budapest a questa inchiesta.

Il primo giugno, in cox 18, abbiamo organizzato questo momento pubblico per riportare un breve resoconto dei tre mesi passati e aggiornare tutte e tutti sulle condizioni della compagna Italiana.

Da Berlino verrà presentata la campagna in solidarietà agli arrestati di Budapest che sta per partire in Germania.

Avremo anche modo di farci raccontare da un compagno tedesco, che sarà in collegamento con noi, l’operazione repressiva iniziata nel 2020 e gli ultimi sviluppi che essa sta avendo.

Proveremo poi a spostare lo sguardo anche sulla nostra città, Milano, dove nell’ultimo periodo la presenza dei fascisti si è fatta sempre più provocatoria, per ragionare insieme anche sul nostro contesto locale e ricordarci che di fronte al fascismo non bisogna mai abbassare la guardia.

Durante l’iniziativa sarà organizzato un aperitivo benefit per la compagna!